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New Review for Love’s Reflection

Carol North has done a wonderful job with Love’s Reflection.  Despite the plethora of robot-as-people novels and movies that now abound in the science fiction and romance genres, Carol North has managed something new, something fresh.  Not since the 1964 television series, “My Living Doll,” starring Julie Newmar and Bob Cummings, has there been anything so innovative, so lively, and so much fun!  Watching the robot, Alpha, learn to become a real woman is a real treat.  Love’s Reflection gives us the same joy in this regard as a young Julie Newmar did in “My Living Doll,” and that’s no mean feat!


In Love’s Reflection, Carol North even takes us a step further than just an enjoyable read.  Ms. North poses thoughtful questions on what it is that makes us human, what really constitutes humanity.  We travel along with Alpha as she learns the world about her.  And, we see how humans react.  We see them change, and in some cases grow from their interaction with Alpha.  Carol North not only provides us with marvelous entertainment in Love’s Reflection, she makes us reflect deeply about the meaning of things, like life, love, and compassion. 


If you want a fun read (yes — I know I use the word “fun” a lot here, but what can I say — it’s a  fun book!), then I advise you to buy Ms. Carol North’s, Love’s Reflection.  I found it to be a very enjoyable and absorbing read.  I finished Love’s Reflection in just one day, because I couldn’t bring myself to put it down.  I wanted to know what happened next that much! 


Carol North has a winner with Love’s Reflection.  If Ms. North can maintain this high level of writing with her future novels, we have a wonderful new author in our midst.  I look forward to reading more by her.  Mind you, I’d quickly exchange all that for just one robot like Alpha…


Review by Rob Shelsky© for Novelspot

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