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Life Imitates Art

Recently, a scientist announced he created a fembot (female robot). It’s obvious Trung Le took his idea and the design for Aiko from my book, Love’s Reflection, which was published in 2008. My robot, Alpha, is far more intelligent and talented than Aiko, and a lot better looking. She, Alpha, is fully capable of passing the Turing Test, which requires the robot to be undistinguishable from a human being.


Yes, Trung Le’s invention is a primitive imitation of my character, Alpha, in Love’s Reflection. And Trung Le, poor guy, isn’t up to the physical standards of my hunky scientist character Cort Hirsch. All in all, however, Trung Le did a good job at making life imitate art.


I suggest Trung Le read Love’s Reflection to learn how to care for a fembot who is undistinguishable from a human female. Alpha is all we women are and she’s not afraid to speak her robot mind. Cort can never win an argument with Alpha, and it usually ends up costing him big bucks.


My advice to Trung Le is “Hold onto your breeches. You’re in for quite a ride as Aiko develops into half the robot Alpha is. By the way, I may have to sue you for infringing my copyright.”


Carol North


To learn more about Aiko, watch the video at

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